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PICKS: Kortzer's Clubless Daytrip


PICKS: Kortzer's Clubless Daytrip

Over quarantine we've had a fantastic variety of guest selectors step up for Picks, but today we're on home turf with our very own saucey sorcerer supreme, Mancunian Loose Lips resident DJ and previous 'Sunday Jams' captain, Kortzer!!! Following on in S/S and Sugarglider's footsteps, the livest bloke in Blightey takes us on a rare serene daytrip; "a dawn til dusk look into some favourite bits from my record collection that wouldn't necessarily get played out otherwise" (no EBM, sorry lads, change into a nice dry top and light some incense). All tracks but one gathered in this Spotify playlist, take it away K-man!

Culture are one of my favourite reggae groups and this track is the perfect anthem to begin my day off. This one really helps me to kick start the morning and goes hand in hand with my breakfast. 

I'm a huge fan of King Tubby and I love this entire album, however the percussion in this track leaps out the speaker in a special kinda way. 

This track (as well as the C Cat Trance track later on in the playlist) features on Prins Thomas’s Paradise Goulash, an epic compilation that’s well worth a listen! This track reminds me of the music from Scarface and sounds like weird space age spa music, which I'll have a bit of please. 

This album again in itself is incredible, full of amazing samples. This track is proper tranquil and relaxing and unique boombap style beat.


At this point I’m running out of words in my vocabulary but I’d go as far as to say that this one is sick.


I bought this when I was first getting into mixing and has always had a special space in my collection, I love the range of different instruments. 

This one is a hand me down from me mum, nice one. 

I'm a huge blues fan, I'd go as far to say that this is the best blues song ever, or at least the bluest. 

Howling Wolf’s probably my favourite blues singer and this is probably one of his lesser known songs but definitely my favourite.  

My mum loves a bit of the opera and this is another one thats been passed on. I can’t say I love the opera myself however this one goes down a treat in the evenings.