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PICKS: Jeff Opara's 'No Rewinds'


PICKS: Jeff Opara's 'No Rewinds'

Since we got involved with 199Radio, one of the other show hosts who has impressed us the most is Jeff Opara, whose quickly developed a reputation for selecting bangers from across the spectrum. This weekend, its the debut of his brand new event, No Rewinds, and so to warm you up, he's picked out 10 records that deserve getting scratched for a reaction!

For some, a wheel up in a swirl of sweaty mist and unfiltered argy-bargy is the climax every punter dances for. Go on. Take that back and play it again.

Yak - Zephyr

Yak has been doing it for me lately, absolute percussive gem.

Esbee Family - Chicks & Chicken

This is a record I inherited from my Dad a while back - pioneering disco straight from the motherland.

Ramsey & Fen - Style (Dub Mix)

No one can do what Ramsey & Fen do, one of the tunes that defined UK Garage in my opinion.

Detromental - Rewind (Rebuilt) 

Waited an incredibly long time for this to get repressed - 28 years old and still sounds crazy on a system.

Jammer - Not in sight (Feat. Blacks)

Randomly found this record in Flashback and was blown away with how raw this is 12 years on...grime never lost its energy.

Aleksi Perala - GBLFT1740065

Trip is becoming one of my favourite labels. This represents its heads-down feel!

Leif & Tom Ellis - Just Natural

Shouts to Beeches for this one, crazy tune.

Danny J Lewis - Best Friend (Spread Love Steppers Remix)

A 2 step classic and an infectious remix. Probably one of the most slept on 2 step tunes I’ve ever encountered.

Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir - Piper

Definite one from the vaults, percussive and crazy at will.

Pangaea - Proxy

Latest one from Hessle Audio, the label that keeps on reshaping the UK sound.