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PICKS: Imran Khan's Top 10 Soundtrack Moments


PICKS: Imran Khan's Top 10 Soundtrack Moments

With his gorgeous release on Seva Records still ringing in our ears, the Loose Lips team are excited to invite house producer Imran Khan to contribute to our Picks series. He's chosen to use this offering to share some of his all time favourite soundtrack moments - enjoy!

Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Meditative Chaos

This chap is a phenomenal composer. I first heard his work on Utopia, and he really does have his own unique sound. The way he manipulates and processes samples, especially vocals is haunting, and awe inspiring.

Johan Johansson - Heptapod B

With his recent death, Johan Johansson will be missed greatly from the film scoring world. This piece, from the film Arrival, shows more great vocal processing and tension building...

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bibo no Aozora

A legend who scored The Revenant, scored Babel a few years ago with this haunting piece of piano and string music that acts as the main theme. Brilliant...

Cliff Martinez - First Sleep

From the film Solaris, this beautiful piece using Steel drums shows Cliff Martinez’s willingness to use percussive instruments in a unique way.

Mogwai - Hungry Face

This Scottish post rock Band have honoured many films with their composing skills. This one from the French series - Les Revenants is the main theme - sublime.

Hanz Zimmer - The Mole 

Legendary composer, but showcases the interesting phenomenon of Shepard Tones-where the auditory illusion of a never ending raising of tone occurs.

Vangelis - Tears in The Rain

Nothing to say here, just listen…

Ennio Morricone - Ecstasi of Gold

This prolific composer has lent his hand to countless films, but this one always make my hair stand on end. Beautiful.

Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love for Planet Earth

Don’t know who these guys are, but what a tune. Heard this originally in the score for Channel 4 series Top Boy. Brian Eno chose this to close one of the episodes. Atmosphere in bucketloads...

Pink Floyd - Soundtrack from Zabriskie Point 1970

My favourite band of all time - Pink Floyd. Forward to 1:33 to skip the explosion stuff. This is ambient music before it was invented, sublime and trippy.