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PICKS: Expander's Guide to Generative Music (Festival Forte preview)


PICKS: Expander's Guide to Generative Music (Festival Forte preview)

Here is a collection of tracks that, for one reason or another, were made in generative fashion, where layers of overtones were applied over each other in unexpected, evolving ways, which are quite unpredictable at their core. All of the tracks in this playlist were produced by artists performing at Festival Forte 2018, which probably gives a good explanation as to why they are on the lineup. 

They are ordered by release year so that it is possible to see the evolution of generative music over time. From the pioneering albums of Monolake - "Interstate" and Coil - "Time Machines" in 1999, and all the way up to Robert Lippok's latest album released in 2018, here are tracks produced by true masters of electronic music that, whether through technology or voice manipulation, crafted songs using generative approaches.

Monolake - "Abundance" (1999)

Coil - "Everything Keeps Dissolving" (2000)

Surgeon - "Waiting for me" (2000)

Pantha du Prince - "Im Bann" (2010)

Donato Dozzy - "Vaporware 4" (2013)

Mumdance - "It's Peak" (2014)

Stanislav Tolkatchev - "When You Are Not At Home" (2016)

Shlømo - "In Absentia (feat PVNV)" (2016)

Alva Noto - "Uni Sub" (2018)

Robert Lippok - "All objects are moving" (2018)