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PICKS: Dr Pudding’s Lockeddown London Daytrip


PICKS: Dr Pudding’s Lockeddown London Daytrip

Such a bizarre time. We've been in this mess long enough that some creative fruits are coming out of it, creative connections have been made, music has been shared and properly appreciated, but christ this is a headfuck of a year. The best points seem tethered to the worst; one of the most exciting occurences within the Loose Lips universe has been the entrance of electronic singer/songwriter Lapis, who has put out a couple of fantastic releases through our label, one spoken word piece and one ethereal ballad of a single, a connection-reflection named Possy. Lapis has already provided us a picks based on her influences, but today we welcome the producer of both aforementioned tracks (and cowriter of the latter), Dr Pudding, who continues a tradition we started during lockdown, sharing a sonic daytrip, a window into one's own escapist ideals. All tracks (except the Sonzeira one) are gathered in this playlist, take it away... 

Theme: a guided day in London Lockdown. A playlist of music curated especially to see you through the early nights and brisk, clear days of autumn, in London as we descend into our second lockdown. 

I chose this as the opening song as it’s like a breath of fresh air, soothing and uplifting at the same time. A recent release by the South African drummer, it’s the perfect, gentle way to open your eyes, emerge from your slumber and ease your way into the day. 

Lifting it up ever so slightly, this one has a gentle but relentless rhythm, gorgeous melodies and harmonies arriving late in the piece that mirror your body as you begin your daily routine; making coffee, choosing your outfit, immersing yourself in your daily ablutions. 

As your day starts to gather pace, you make phone calls, check emails, look outside at the world around you. This lovely cover is part of the Blue Note series shining a light on the contemporary London jazz scene; Steam Down have such raw, emergent energy in their live sets, I think this song captures that nicely. 

You are now warmed up, loose and limber. This song has a tempo and rhythm that invigorates and awakens, which captures the mood as the daylight streams through your windows, offering a warmth to your bones. Just right for picking up the pace in your day. 

As you venture outside for a long bike ride through your surrounding neighbourhoods, this gorgeous rework of the Galt MacDermot original, this frantic, energetic cover gives so much life to your legs as you cycle. It’s great for any time of day, but is perfect as the soundtrack to the sunshine.

Another high tempo accompaniment to your bicycle ride, as you fly through the streets, streets that are a little more empty than usual. The undeniable rush of the wind and airy, dreamy positivity that enters your ears from this song combine in a sense of wellbeing and a freedom rarely found in pandemic restrictions. 

You stop to catch your breath by the canal. Open a cold alcoholic drink. This classic slice of Soca soul, is just perfect for watching the sun go down and to let the now cool, salty sweat dry.

Once the sun goes away, you climb back on your bike and start to make your way home. The lights of the city begin to twinkle and while the air has turned cold, this song keeps the warmth in your body.

When you arrive home, the kitchen is alive with the sound of music and the smell of delicious food. Your flatmates are cooking and the wine is flowing. Even though you might not be able to see all of the people you love, you’re not alone. Eating, drinking and chatting into the night.

It’s time for bed, before doing it all over again. This track closes the day, by Icelandic/London based Gud Jon, featuring a sample of traditional Icelandic singers. It’s as gorgeous as it is moving. As relaxing as it is comforting.