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PICKS: DJ Drazi Drags' Uk Rap Hitters


PICKS: DJ Drazi Drags' Uk Rap Hitters

Hailing from the Balkans, DJ Drazi Drag is a formiddable Macadonian Hip Hop and local legend, responsible for tearing local crowds into chaos every week and exposing them to fresh beats from around the world. Today he shares a selection of his favourite, bulletproof tracks from the UK.

Dizzee Rascall - Sirens 

This is how I was introduced into UK Hip Hop. Legend.

Klashnekoff - Murda/
Fucking classic.

 Foreign Beggars ft Skinnyman & DVS - Hold on 

So ahead of time.

The Streets - Blinded By Lights 

Not a big fan of The Streets, but this is the TUNE.

Skepta - Ghost Ride (ft. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast) 

I know itʼs grime or trap or whatever… itʼs all Hip Hop to me, and I like it a lot.

Ocean Wisdom - Brick Or Bat 

Favourite artist from the younger generation and I think the whole High Focus gang is dope.

Coops - That Jazz 

Like I said before…

LATER X CASISDEAD - "Before This" 

I found this digging in the youtube, instant fan.

Cult of The Damned - Civilized 

This is my last discovery… I saw the link on Facebook, it was from Fred [Loose Lips bossman] I think :)

IAMDDB - Shade 

I donʼt know what to say, I just love her.