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PICKS: Caldera's Broken Beats


PICKS: Caldera's Broken Beats

Here at Loose Lips we have no musical editorial policy; if a writer feels strongly about something they cover it. With that said, we often specialise in the abrasive sounds that battered trainers stomp along to in dingey clubs across the uk, and can’t help but feel excited to have a resident DJ from one of the scene’s world-class leading lights, Patterns. All those hours curating an eclectic vibe in the Brighton club's room 2 have fed into the broken rhythms displayed in Caldera's newest release, rewarded by love from DJs such as Minor Science, Joe, Galcher Lustwerk and - best of all - Freerotation’s Ducket, who commented ‘This made me spill my cornflakes. Excellent vibes here, Caldera is proper grooved out.’ As he steps up and into the spotlight, we’re over the moon to host a look into his influences.

Flying Lotus - Golden Diva 

I think listening to Los Angeles was and still is the biggest influence for my production. About 10 years ago, my friend had some new music that his father had given to him - he put Flying Lotus on and I thought, that's it, that's the music I’ve been looking for all my life without knowing it.

Flying Lotus creates such an intense and weird soundscape with all the samples he throws together and I feel like I still haven't really figured out whats going on in there. Even though it's theoretical hip hop, his distinct approach makes it really special and hard to pin down.

Prefuse 73 - Fountains Of Spring

I could say the same for Prefuse 73's 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian', even though I didn't listen to it as much as I have to the Flying Lotus album. It's even more unpredictable than 'Los Angeles' and maybe that's where I got the inspiration for doing music that sometimes sounds a bit all over the place.

Astrud Gilberto - Take It Easy My Brother Charlie

Bossa Nova has a timeless quality for me. Maybe because I haven't been exposed to it when I was young and didn't know any old people that listened to it so it still sounds fresh to me. Beside the warm and organic sound, the drumming is so subtle and quiet but yet on point and super funky in its own way. I think that kind of stuff teaches you a lot about the power of dynamic range.

Ana Mazzotti - Sou

One of my favourite albums recently. Bossa Nova was already great in the 60's but it reached another level when it became even more jazz influenced.

Stix Hooper - African Spirit

I love it when records hold surprises in them - especially if it's minimalistic drum tracks like this one on an jazz / funk album by the Crusaders’ drummer.

Breakage - Lightweight

Drum & Bass and Hip Hop were the first genres that made me want to go out and buy decks, start mixing and producing more dancefloor-oriented music. Looking back at it now I feel a lot of the stuff was very formulated and but there’s still a lot of records that still get to me.

Gantz - Siyam

It inspires me to see people doing things differently and breaking out of patterns. I think Gantz inspired big parts of the dubstep scene to look further into what is possible.

Martyn - Vancouver (2562 Puur Natuur Dub)

There used to be a lot of this garagey and technoid dubstep and it’s what really got me interested in the genre. I often tried to cooperate this sound into my dj sets in Germany but most people didn't really understand it. Interesting to see most of those artists slowing down over the years and now producing techno. It makes sense but I'm still a bit sad that this particular style never really fully took off – I guess it did inspire a lot of people though…

Likwid Biskit - The All New Ummm Pt4

I didn't know of the jazzy kind of broken beat before moving to England and it broadened my perspective on music for sure. There's so much great music from the UK with an amazing groove and I feel like there's still so much to discover for me.

Looptroop - Takin' it to the extreme

I can always go back to listening to 90's Hip Hop but Looptroop has been one of my favourite groups from that era. I sample a lot of hip hop drums, especially with snippets of vocals in it.