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PICKS: 500 premieres... And counting!


PICKS: 500 premieres... And counting!

We love nothing more than bringing the crew together at a time of celebration. At the back-end of last week, we celebrated our 500th premiere on Loose Lips with a special one from talented producer Omori who has left us way too soon with a legacy of amazing music to dig into. You can read more about it here.

It's been an absolute pleasure to connect with so many inspirational labels and artists via this nutty selection of tracks. There really is a bit of everything in there and we encourage you to listen to the whole 500 non-stop without sleeping. We asked the Loose Lips crew to do exactly that and pick their favourites from the whole bunch.

Blain: Bluematter - Real (LORELTD004) / more info

"The reason I’ve picked Bluematter ‘Real” for our 500th premiere piece is plain and simple; it has seriously alluring drums and a savage, raw bassline. Oh yeah, it was also our first premiere over on the dnb fix series."

Dave: Gaffa - Mud Cup (SKOOP) / more info

"For me, Mud Cup embodies what the premiere series is all about. It's often been a place where I’ve discovered new music, and the series is so varied so there's something for everyone. Mud Cup is a mad break glitchy tune featuring a southern style sample. The track has been a little bit of a secret weapon - a perfect little number to slip in the middle of a set."

Freddie: Wade Watts - 303 Colours (DMC006) / more info

Loose Lips · PREMIERE: Wade Watts - 303 Colours (DMC006)

"Wade Watts is a mysterious genius and this tune has soundtracked so many wonderful Loose Lips moments, killer track."

Hardy: Rico Casazza - Yaman (ARCH129) / more info

"Despite all the great premieres Loose Lips has released recently, I’m going back to the very first ever premier for my pick. The first! Rico Casazza is a talented musician and producer who has had connections with Loose Lips over the years. This track, Yaman, was released on Archipel Musique from Canada in 2016. It’s downtempo yet lively at the same time, with a melody that gets stuck in your head."

Jack: Solotape - Deb (SE005) / more info

"fizzy good, make feel nice"

Jasper: Galaxian - Impossible Promises (LP13) / more info

"It would have to be Galaxian because when I heard him in the sex dungeon in Bristol (LL night) I realised that this music was the blend of electro I liked. It's hard to find anything so original but so true to the genre: atmospheric, moody, groovy with just the right emphasis on the snare, kinda drawn back but also hitting hard. Never wanted to leave that set for a cig for fear of missing some wicked moment."

Jef: Korablove - Fireworks In My Head (ELSVREC031) / more info

"Some love for the mad and beautiful experimental music we keep on supporting."

Treece: ScanOne - ONE (Meat Beat Manifesto High Plains Grifter Version) (YM016) / more info

"Picking this one ‘One’ for many reasons, the main one being that it’s a serious big time heater from an very talented producer. ScanOne and I also met at Threads Radio last year and since then have been collaborating on some forthcoming music which I can’t wait to share with you."

Will: The Baker - Voices of Latam (place : music and activism) / more info

"This is the kind of music that Loose Lips is fantastic at highlighting; unique, underground, experimental, ethical and sourced from far off lands. Taken from a compilation whose proceeds went to local human rights groups, whose Bandcamp description hits the nail on the head:

‘The Ecuadorian scene is a producer’s scene, where audiences are not enormous, and electronic music is produced for the pleasure of producing it. In an odd way this has led to very genuine expressions’, this track is a reflection of space, in all its awesome, complex simplicity. Gorgeous."