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pHL0giestone & Don Playa - Big Data (AAA012)


pHL0giestone & Don Playa - Big Data (AAA012)

A collaboration between rapper Don Playa from Bitola and Skopje-based producer pHl0giestone aka ogie aka Dr. Ogie aka Analogie! Resulting in a tripped out, lysergically soaked Trap song!

This is part of a compilation grouping a selection of collaborations between ogie and various artists, mainly from Macedonia and the Balkans. Make sure to give it a go!

From AAA012 - Various Artists - MEM.MK (2011-2016) V/A album on AAA Музика.

Out 17.10 on 12" and digital - https://aaamuzika.bandcamp.com



AAA Музика released a batch of other releases at the same time!

AAA010 - ogie - MEM.MK (1998-2003)
AAA011 - ogie - Leshok Hazelnuts (2006-2012)
AAA012 - Various Artists - MEM.MK (2011-2016)
AAA013 - pHL0giestone - burninDaethereal (2016)
AAA014 - Analogie - Acid ov VITRIOL (2016)

Check https://aaamuzika.bandcamp.com to get your hands on these beauties or get the digital releases
for any price you want!