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Oracy gets her Foot in the Door

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Oracy gets her Foot in the Door

Loose Lips goes back in time to look at some iconic reviews by Jake Leins on up and coming Hip hop artists...

Oracy is a new face in underground UK Hip hop but she's also a massively underrated one. This summer she's put her Foot In The Door like a police raid. Making her mark in the scene with her appropriately titled debut album, she will be booting in doors across the UK, France and Italy, touring to promote her brand new album to heads overseas. Oracy has been busy working with various artists across the globe since 2011. A true lover of Hip Hop, Oracy speaks about peace, love and unity through her audacious flow and captivating lyrics. She has worked with a selection of artists including 4 End of the Weak champions. Also, she was runner up in 2014 RhymePad Open Mic competion and won 1st in the Boombap Festival/RhymePad Open Mic Competition 2015. Establishing herself as an up and coming talent, she has received press coverage from Wordplay Magazine, I am Hip Hop, Paperchasers Ink, Rago Magazine, Itch Fm, MDR Radio and many more aswell as support from leading artsists and producers from the UK.

The first track on the album, “Intro”, is smooth, upbeat and has serious attitude. Produced by Mathis, it is one sleek beat. Oracy's lyrics and flow fit perfectly bar-for-bar and the relaxed style allows her to play with the beat of the track. Cuts are done by the skillful scratch king C-Tek. 

The following track “Principles” is a heavyweight hitter. Oracy talks on the subject of what makes real Hip hop in a sick flow of metophors mixed with real life. Hybrid Freqs has produced a classic boom bap Hip hop track with nice chilled synthy melodies and those real tastey synth bassline sounds. C-Tek prived the scratching for this track. 

“Fresh Perspective” is another chilled one and it feels as if Oracy is building the hype with each track, letting the album evolve. Oracy describes her perfect world where there is peace, love, healing, sharing and of course Hip hop! The second track on the album produced by Hybrid Freq, it has some really nice sounding drums with muffled hits on the snare. The bass and kick drum move fluidly with each other. The sample used is a relaxed, slow electonic synth-sound that runs along the rest of the track in unison. 

“Piss on the Mainstream” is produced by Orkim. It's slightly more downbeat and melancholy but appropriate for the subject which is a clear shout about creating true Hip hop. Oracy's flow and rhyming skill keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the next bar. Orkim has included detuned piano drone hits for the hook that make a lot of racket. It is a real catchy tune which will be stuck in your head for days. 

“Buzzin!” is the bridge between the relaxed section of the album to the more hype part. Produced by beatmaking legend Oliver Sudden, there is a mean atmosphere with the shrill samples that envoke forboding. Oracy speaks on every day people's drug habits - legal and illegal.

“Deep Meds” has a real spacey feel to it with a deep melodic synth that murmurs to a slower almost 2 steppy beat. It's about being tuned in to your own mind and taking control of your life. One of the percussion samples sounds like a bag full of coins jingling in synchronisation with the beat. This is the third track produced by Hybrid Freq. 

“Yorning” is another atmospheric track with nice cloudy synth sounds that float around in your mind when listening. Oracy raps about waking up in the morning and creating bars and tracks using influence from dreams she's had. Hybrid Freq has programmed some heavily booming drums which are complimented by snares that sound like organic claps. 

“Reminiscing” is the first track that has a feature - Index steps up on the track. It covers the nostalgia of being younger and not having a care in the world. Oracy and Index explain that as they have both gotten older, life has gotten a little harder with general responsibilities. Index explains that even though everyone does have engagements to handle, be sure to not let go of your past self and stop to enjoy your inner child. Another track produced by Hybrid Freq, it has some deep piano hits that have high pass filter effects on giving it that old style radio sound. The drums have that classic boombap snare shuffle giving it a real gracious sound. 

Buttery beats producer Dirty Dike has produced the next track “Sofa Soldiers”. It is by far my favourite track on the album, the beat is so smooth and works perfectly with Oracy's flow. It has an original 90's Hip hop sound about it, real crispy drums and wavey drifting vocal samples that float along perfectly to the violin samples. On this track, Oracy covers the laziness of people that have talent and gives her own recipe on how to make it in the Hip hop game. 

Molotov on the pads this time, chilling the vibe right down in the next track “Sapiosexual”. Crafted from sleek guitar plucks and bass-hits that put Bootsy Collins to shame, this is defintely a soft, silky track – one for the lovers. Oracy jumps on an emotional tip, describing fakes, love and the perfect partner. Somebody that can share tastes in music, interests and love.

“Unspeak” is the last full track on the album. Produced by veteran DJ Nappa and featuring Life MC. The track covers the dangers of words that result in oppression, it questions politics and the governments public speaking stratedgies that help brainwash and confuse the everyday people. 

The last track, “Outro”, is produced by Hybrid Freq. Featuring Jabbathecut, it uses an array of awesome cut samples, using oracys vocals from throughout the album.   

Released on Cultured Sounds on 1st June 2015, this album definitly enabled Oracy to get her foot in the door. An all round eclectic collection of production styles, they all harmonize with oracys flow and technique, making this album one to snatch up and keep on your shelves for safe keepin'. All for a measly £4.99, an affordable price so dig deep people! Oracys “Foot in the Door” is not to be slept on. 

To follow Oracys tour go to: https://www.facebook.com/ORACYmusic?ref=ts&fref=ts 

You can order the CD/Digital here: https://culturedsounds.net/product/oracy-foot-in-the-door/ 

For more of Oracys music go to: https://oracymusic.bandcamp.com or https://soundcloud.com/oracymusic