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Oneohtrix Point Never - Black Snow (Warp)

Single Review

Oneohtrix Point Never - Black Snow (Warp)

Black Snow is the hypnotic new single on Oneohtrix Point Never's upcoming, eighth album. ANOHNI will feature on this and three others tracks, whilst James Blake co-produced and mixed the album. 

Compared to tracks off his previous album, Garden of Delete, Black Snow sounds jarringly calm, at least in its paired-down opening, where laboured breathing, finger clicks and a few notes of the bass fill the air, before Lopatin and ANOHNI's vocals break the impasse (vocals are a rarity in his tracks full-stop). Next arrives the slightly more humane daxophone, an electronic wooden experimental instrument, obviously, before the retro synths eventually take over for the song's epiphanic climax.

OPN's music videos have equally become a fascinating sideshow to his singles, invariably evoking some of the digital hells evoked in his music, whether that be in the modern still lifes/ephemera of Problem Areas, the emoji-narrated biography of Boring Angel, the headfuck strobing of Animals, or the internet purgatory of Still Life. In the self-directed video for Black Snow, Lopatin seems to created an apt avator for himself - a demonic figure ineffectively clearing up nuclear waste amidst old-school personal computers, albeit set to a beautiful soundscape.