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Nokuit - Patterns of Instability (wannamarchi.club)

Release Review

Nokuit - Patterns of Instability (wannamarchi.club)

After last year’s ominously-entitled releases such as ‘Analysis Paralysis,’ and ‘Reality Disappears After Waking,’ elusive ambient producer Nokuit continues his foray into themes of hyper-modern dystopia with a new cassette, ‘Patterns of Instability,’ released via NKT. Nokuit’s 45 minute excursion is split into two equal length parts, allowing for plenty of digression and experimentation.

At times resembling a schizophrenic quagmire of ambiguous samples, there’s an unmistakable smack of discontent, dislocation and dissociation to Part 1. Distorted soundbites are set against a rhythmic and orderly unravelling backdrop. Fragments of newsroom chatter, surveillance footage, and what sounds like a military execution are spliced together, bled of intelligible meaning amidst the disquieted abrasion of Nokult’s sound design.

Whilst Part 2 seems less crowded, it is no less desolate. As longer swathes of ambient melancholy digress into a powerful wall of monochrome noise, the scrambled newsreel samples eventually reappear as a kind of dystopian leitmotif, tying the two drawn-out sides together.

Nokuit’s work exploits the uneasy contrast between musical order and human chaos, triggering a reflection on our own futile attempts at rationalizing ourselves, and the failure to map patterns onto our own instability.


Released October 27, 2017