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Nightports w/Matthew Bourne - Fragile Years (The Leaf Label)


Nightports w/Matthew Bourne - Fragile Years (The Leaf Label)

Today, we introduce our first ever coverage of The Leaf Label, a rather special outfit introduced to us recently by Classical Mechanics. This premiered track is part of a forthcoming collaborative album. Material for the album was recorded over three sessions in two locations. First at Matthew Bourne’s house near Keighley, West Yorkshire in March 2015. The second and third sessions took place at Besbrode Pianos in Leeds in October 2015 and June 2016.

At Besbrode’s, pianos were chosen that had character, a story to tell; beautifully imperfect instruments that behaved in unexpected ways...

The limited edition LP is released on March 2nd. Pre-order here - https://nightports.bandcamp.com/album/nightports-w-matthew-bourne.

Nightports is a collaborative project based around the concept of sonic restriction. In each manifestation of the project, only sounds created by the featured musician can be used. No other sound sources are permitted in the work. The sounds that are captured are then transformed, distorted and translated to arrive at a new music of extremes.