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Nathan Jonson - Space Between Breath (SKRUV003)


Nathan Jonson - Space Between Breath (SKRUV003)

After a successful decade of releasing music under the Hrdvsion alias (Wagon Repair / Sound Pellegrino / Planet Mu), 2015 saw Nathan reach a turning point in his musical career and re-launch with a new direction under his birth name. The Jonson family are clearly one of good musical stock; his brother is the formidable Mathew Jonson and Nathan has recently released on 20:20 Vision as well as his brother’s new Freedom Engine label, among others. Skrufix are therefore more than a little bit chuffed to get him on-board for this new EP, 'Space Between Breath'.

Our premiered choice is the title track and damn it deserves it - beautiful techno! Shouts to Skrufix, a label doing some amazing things. Highly recommend checking out their previous release by Skwirl as well which boasts more intricate, intelligent dance music...

Check check it here - https://www.juno.co.uk/products/nathan-jonson-space-between-breath-ep/675842-01/.

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