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Naom - Nuit Miel EP (Blaklab)

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Naom - Nuit Miel EP (Blaklab)

One of North America’s shining stars on the global minimal stage, All Blak Records are excited to announce a new sub-label - Blaklab. What began as a series of parties across Toronto has grown into a bustling musical community and platform. 

I must admit I have a soft-spot for these guys - the concept for my own label microminimal was founded when I met my future label partners at an All Blak Records party. As well as this personal connection to their label - Traumer's extended set that night was hands-down the best event I attended in the entirety of my time in Canada. Furthermore, the week before I left Toronto for the UK - we were lucky enough to have their residents Paul Quzz and Devv to represent All Blak at the very first microminimal party. 

The label is headed up by its founders - Devv, Steve Marto and Paul Quzz. What soon becomes very clear is how much they care about cultivating a sense of musical community in the Toronto area. Minimal in not necessarily the most widely celebrated genre in Canada, but one visit to an All Blak party is enough to show that there is a highly engaged community sharing their musical journey every step of the way. This has been in-part driven by the existing Blaklab Community online - which has provided the foundations for this newly launched project. 

The first release on the Blaklab project features Naom (FR) and a remix from Djosh (ITA). The EP opens with Naom’s Nuit Miel - a combination of intricate hi hats, swelling synth stabs and a metallic rim hook throughout the track. Its groove is carried by the infectious bounce of its dubby bassline as it moves into more complex rhythmic patterns and expansive soundscape. 

Following this is Djosh’s remix treatment of Nuit Miel - exchanging the dub-driven groove for a stripped back kick-drum sequence - punctuated by pulsating tones, drum rolls and metallic atmosphere. Listeners are then treated to the return of the Naom’s dubby-bass - making this track another perfect selection for the after-hours. 

The EP concludes with Naom’s C21H3002 (named after the molecular formula for Cannabidiol) -  weaving a rolling synth bass part with atmospheric swells and a deep and full-bodied kick drum progression. As the track evolves, its warmth increases as the pads become increasingly prevalent and melodic. The track is propelled by its nuanced hi-hats, and at its peak the synths fluctuate in pitch and tone to create a spacey but driving mood. 

This is a stellar debut release from the Blaklab project, and I eagerly await whatever else they’ve got cooking for the future! 

The release is available to buy now here: