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Nana’s Sunday Jams: Walrus - D.D Dumbo


Nana’s Sunday Jams: Walrus - D.D Dumbo

Banner art by Trav

Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. So, I am made, finally, I am officially now your Sunday musical tour guide, crowned by the Patron this week so celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Hope you are enjoying the jams, the wishing part of me hopes you are Sunday dancing and at least one track has made a permanent mark on a playlist.

Last week I made mention of a list of labels that should be featuring in your musical armoury which is brewing nicely, but I hope you will forgive me if I put pause on this and celebrate my new found status with a hand me down from a friend and musician that I hope to feature very soon.

After talking about musical inspirations and how musical perspectives are formed, it's hard not to think about the pals I look to for fresh eyes, unknown gems or last-minute gigs. These are friendships based on shared passions, whether they be art, culture, politics etc, they often keep the flames burning, reignite sparks, remind you that it's always fine to go out on a limb and everyone else can bog off. If you are really lucky, they will turn up a track really loud, move all the furniture out the way so you can dance it all out freely, without fear of falling whilst you get taken far far away. They do not insist you come back down to earth and they match your laughter howl for howl. I am lucky to have a few of those jokers in my deck some I get to see more often and some I am wedded to through memory, all I am thankful for.

So, in that spirit the track is ‘Walrus’ the artist is D.D Dumbo. This track is taken off his 2013 debut Tropical Oceans released in 2013 then released in 2014 by 4AD. It’s a journey through looping, bluesy pop and it is fantistica. D.D Dumbo is the moniker of Oliver Hugh Perry and I love how he has created his own language to reinterpret the blues and married it lovingly it with electronica. The track has its own narrative, unfolding from the start with a blues inspired rift, gathering momentum as its given flight by electronic wings and a definitive bassline. It’s lofi but full of energy, purpose and bounce. Perry’s vocals echo throughout giving way to something uplifting, stirring and downright sexy.

The whole EP is a bright treasure full of varying introspection, whether that be lyrically, musically or vocally worth spending some time with and if you feel alive in its water check out some of his more recent stuff. Lovelies.