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Nana's Sunday Jams: Rejoicer - Choco & Bun (Live)


Nana's Sunday Jams: Rejoicer - Choco & Bun (Live)

Yes, Yes Sunday Jammers. Hope life is good. This week the tour stops in the present courtesy of Rejoicer with “Choco & Bun- Live”, full, fresh and fly. Shout out to Noam Rodeh from the Ninja Tunes/Solid Steel Fan Club for this one.

All week I have been thinking about dancing, especially Sunday dancing; for us Sunday jammers and also because it might be one of my favourite days to dance. There is something cleaner about it, like a refresh rather than a rouse to get grimy. So, whether it’s an early morning rave, evening beats in a bar, swift steps in your kitchen or any other room with friends or by yourself whichever way you do it and however smooth do it, it’s a must. Dancing, in general, should be added to the list of Sunday essential tools to help steady you for the week ahead. Seriously, why not, it improves mental health by boosting your overall happiness, helps memory, can increase stamina, can improve cognitive domains such as spatial awareness and needs nothing else besides willingness and bangers, plenty of bangers.

Every good stepper and DJ knows you need a lead in track, so this week my advice is make to this your lead in track.

Check out the videos which were also filmed live, spot on musically and visually. I turned it up real loud and let it take me. A gorgeous working balance of a few musical forms, they include jazz, hip hop, electronica, ambient, definitely some psychedelic and probably a few more that deserve investigation. “Choco & Bun- Live” manages to maintain balance without leaning too far into one more than the others, it’s got a, bouncy, soft - but full of edge - summer vibe that conjures citrus fizz for me.

“Choco & Bun-Liv”’ is the third and newest instalment on Spiritual Sleaze Live from Tel Aviv Producer Yuvi Havkin aka Rejoicer, check him out on Stones Throw Records. This EP was recorded and played live with Jazz Drummer Amir Bresler and his brother Nomok. “Choco & Bun – Live” is the only new track on the EP, the other two “Aura Sight” and “Third Eye Jungle Run” are reversions from the recent album Spiritual Sleaze. This EP was a made as a Thank You to fans who bought tickets for the recent tour which was cancelled because of the dirty bug.  Sorry you missed out ticket holders, does not make up for not being able to be there in person but as Thank Yous go it’s pretty sweet.