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Nana’s Sunday Jams: Image Of You - Red Snapper ft Alison David


Nana’s Sunday Jams: Image Of You - Red Snapper ft Alison David

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Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. Hello, feels like it’s been a minute since my last long word. Thanks, so much to Patron Will Soer for stepping in last week and for the most beautiful jam by the incredible Nilufer Yanya- heart heart heart. So incredibly gorgeous, Big Love to you Boss.

So, after the interlude I am back on the jazz train with a stone-cold, classic banger. This is one of those love laments that travels deep inside your bones and resonates with any part of you that remembers the pain of love: being in it, losing it or just being totally confused by it. A true unrelenting ballad. Beautiful and intense.  It’s a track that calls for your full attention and I dare you to keep the tingles at bay.

The track is ‘Image of you’, by Red Snapper ft Alison David; a vocal tower of soul talent. This is an example of jazz layering at its finest, a trademark of Red Snapper, experts in mixing acoustic instruments and electronic textures.

The baseline owes it heritage to jazz, but the layers build into soul, blues, rhythm, electro rhythms all pushed along but a heart wrenching raw double bass.

It was prompt from a friend who has very kindly been following the weekly posts, pulled deep, back into his very extensive music collection and threw out this gem. It pulled me right in as I was wandering back through the sodden streets an all-encompassing five-minute symphony; providing the backdrop to David’s raw cry. In it she vows to step out of shadows of a lover who has forgotten why they loved her instead seeking to control her then remould her in their image. A poisonous toxic love that has done nothing but slowly consume. David’s commitment in the vocal lays it all out; bare and raw and Red Snapper weave together the sonic tapestry that give her the fuel. This is a beautiful example of the fiery elements of Jazz, in contrast to some of the polite forms that often frustrate me. This track hangs off the emotion barely contained, beautifully constructed and threatens to break out in the flip of note or bang of drum; standing on the edge of chaos.

This track always reminds of Massive Attack’sUnfinished Sympathy’, another electronic symphony, slightly different musical sensibilities but same reach; emotionally and musically speaking. A slightly darker vibe for your Sunday but worth it. Yes, Red Snapper. Find a corner Sunday Jammer, emotional wrestling optional, Loves.