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Nana's Sunday Jams: Ethan P Flynn - Everybody’s Dying To Meet You


Nana's Sunday Jams: Ethan P Flynn - Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. Another one has come, gone and getting ready to turn around again. Hope you are well, managing to stay sane.

So, some of you might be on this already - had a little back and forth whether I should jump on the bandwagon- did not take long and happily jostling for space because this artist, this track, the label all deserve the chatter.

The track ‘Everybody is dying to meet you’, the artist Ethan P Flynn, the label Young Turks. Triple goodness.

The Track: It’s a dream. It is one of those beautiful music moments that sweeps you up into a cloud, at first it is all indie candy then the sharp edges of the lyrics bring you back into focus. There are elements; jazzed tinged percussions, sweeping guitars and sound tensions; a sparse almost unsettling start moves into something fuller, all wrapped up in a seemingly lively and breezy package, it feels a little referential in places but has its own identity. This an interesting piece offering insight into the thoughts of an artist making his debut and the complexities it comes with, lots of whimsical bite.

The Artist: Although this is technically his official solo debut single Ethan P Flynn already has some skin in the game working credits including label mate FKA Twigs, Mercury-nominee Slow Thai, Indie gorgeous ones Jockstrap and a few more. This points to a musician working at and fully enjoying his craft. As a new fan it fills me with excitement about an artist who is about artistry, growth and musical learnings. Magic words for any committed fan.

The Label: Young Turks, really should not have to say anymore. The love for this outfit runs so deep so deep. Its home to some all-round loveliness including the already mentioned FKA Twiggs, 1010 Benja SL,
Kamasi Washington, Koreless to name a few [Editor's note: there's also the small matter of the most important band of the 10s, the xx!]. Could carry on fawning but I want to leave some room for next week’s scribble; a mini homage to a selection of record labels that should feature on your Sunday Jams playlist.

So, until then welcome Ethan P Flynn (again) and have a Sunday dance. An impressive, creative debut you should have on repeat, looking forward to all the things to come.