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Nana’s Sunday Jams: Eating Noddemix - Young Marble Giants


Nana’s Sunday Jams: Eating Noddemix - Young Marble Giants

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Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back, I hope all is well, good and right. Have you had a chance to check out this month’s edition of Deep Cuts yet? Get on it because it’s a heavy slice and one to gorge on. 

This week’s offering is a classic, but just because it’s been around does’nt mean it should not be played over, over, over and over again. The label is Domino and the love runs deep. Many, many a sweaty indie dance night has been fuelled by some of the artists in their catalogue and it’s home to one of my more recent obsessions, Tirzah.

Founded in 1993 by Laurence Bell and Jacqui Rice the approach was about signing talent they liked, not only what would sell. Early releases were mostly American records, see Sebadoh in an early licencing deal to the mid 90s, see Pavement and while Britpop was screaming off its bratty head in the background, they were taking a different approach to the genre via bands like Hood and Pram. An ideal destination for music lovers who wanted to go a little deeper, then, in the early 2000s, they signed Franz Ferdinand and later Artic Monkeys, cue my sweaty dance floor nights, worn out vocal chords and shoes; worth it all. A defining moment, commercially speaking, in the label’s development and it continues to balance critical and commercial success.

That is what continues to fuel my love for them. Tirzah’s 2018 album Devotion was a beautiful, breath taking offering, mixing an understanding of composition with a love of deconstruction it never loses it soul and excites me every time I listen to it. Would happily follow Tirzah Mastin around, in a non-stalker gentle fan girl way of course. This however is not today’s offering this week’s track comes from Young Marble Giants; post-punk soulful lushness. Along with releasing music from outfits such as Hood and Pram they also released compilation albums by British post punk outfits such as Orange Juice, Fire Engines and Young Marble Giants all of whom have had an influence on the British and International music scene. Franz Ferdinand, Courtney Love, Kobain and many others reference this era of music as a direct influence on their respective sounds.

The track is ‘Eating Noddemix’. Lushness throughout. This band stand slightly apart from their peers, the sound has a soulfulness to balance the sparse, minimalist quality of the music. [Editor’s note: they’re also one of the only reference points to the xx, I remember the debut xx album being described as YMGiants jamming with Timbaland.] Statton’s vocals have been called cool and detached but for me are gentle, powerful, present and evocative. I love the offset of her voice against the bass, the track a juxtaposition of energy between the mundane and the tragic. I am still always taken aback when it ends but what follows is equally as good. Perfect for a Sunday Jam; so is the whole album, Colossal Youth; a masterpiece – the only full-length studio album recorded (originally released on Rough Trade). So turn it up, enjoy it. Loves to Domino for throwing down, finding ways to stay the course and continuing to promote excellent music.