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Mythic Sunship - Elevation

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Mythic Sunship - Elevation

Dim the lights. Light some incense. We’re going on a Trip. Admittedly, it is a rather truncated Trip but at only 5 and a half minutes “Elevation” by Mythic Sunship packs a lot in. 

A stomping, crunching guitar drowned in fuzz pounds out a pulsing rhythm, while a saxophonist has the mother of all jazz wig-outs in the background. Think some of Alice Coltranes’ more experimental pieces, and replace the harp for a wall of noise. In this respect, Elevation sounds  both modern and classic. The guitar and eyebrow-raisingly heavy drumming are reminiscent of the heavy rock scene coming out of England in the 1970’s, with the wild jazz sax anchoring it to the psychedelic scene of the same period. However, the production and overall size of the piece is thoroughly up to date with their sound being described as Space Rock, Post Rock, and Stoner Rock respectively. None of these so called sub genre labels matter a jot however, when you put the track on and turn it up loud. The jazz influences on this track should come as no surprise when you learn that the name of the band is an amalgamation of albums by John Coltrane and Sun Ra (I understand where those Alice Coltrane atmospherics were coming from now). 

Mythic Sunship was formed in Copenhagen by Rasmus Cleve Christensen (bass), Frederik Denning (drums), Emil Thorenfeldt (guitar) and Kasper Stougaard Andersen (guitar). They have released four albums to date, including their upcoming album, “Another Shape Of Psychedelic Music” released in October, and beginning in 2010 with their self-titled debut. Signed to El Paraiso since their inception, the bands output has been frequently produced by Jonus Munk, he of those other Pschedelic titans Causa Sui, a group who also happen to helm the label and guide its aesthetic vision. 

Overall, with “Elevation” Mythic Sunship have created a wonderful, engaging piece of rock music, multi-layered and easy to loose yourself to. The heavy guitars and out of control saxophone hint at a paranoia and loosening of ones grip on the way to some form of transcendence. I might start a cult and use this as my soundtrack... 



Released October 5, 2018