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Monir - Collusion EP


Monir - Collusion EP

You ever hear a weird tune in a DJ set that makes you think ‘what is this?’ That’s bass. It’s the abstract. A genre that has evolved out of the grey area between garage, dubstep, grime, techno and everything in between. Keysound Recordings have been rolling that sound along since 2005, and there’s plenty of places where you can catch glimpses of
it, but it was a sound you had to search for. Then one day, a Facebook group appeared. Essential DJ Eich thought she’d make a place to talk about all that non-jazz whilst DJing it, and in less than a year, More Cowbell gained a thousand members. It’s become the primary hub for exploring that sound, and now they’re showcasing the new talent emerging from those 130BPM-ish depths on a label, due for release on the first of July.

Monir’s details show experienced hands. The title track, Collusion, kicks everything off in the highest gear. Busy percs dance around creepy synth swells, haunting female vocals echo, lazer zaps and angry claps. It refuses to stop swerving with a snarl. The Instinct skips like an El-B vinyl, complete with sharp hats and vox that blimp in and out of existence, but the sinister synths and growls give it a futuristic edge. There’s even a cheeky amen. Distorted brass cries out in the distance on Overpass whilst the bass pulses like lights racing past your wingmirror, Resident Evil opening credits fading into view. Cyberpunk meets Saw.

The Collusion EP’s palette is hard to box in, but the vibe it sets is easy to understand.  It gets you moving on the floor, but you wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had their hoods up. It’s an identity statement, club music for people who appreciate mood. And Merzbow, but nowhere near that harsh. Get into the Corsica groove.