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Monaco - Business EP (Claptrap)

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Monaco - Business EP (Claptrap)

As an owl calls out through the dense bushland that surrounds the local village, amidst the soft chirps of the crickets and rustling greenery, a small gathering of locals partake in their annual festival, held only between the chosen few. With bright green and purple lights shimmering in the trees from below, each member of the unique collective rhythmically bangs percussion, gently blends synths or shakes the surrounding trees in an effort to awaken their collective soul, and begin their new conscious year of the 'Monaco' through music.  

The short twenty-minute festivity is split into three parts; the first of which is an opening ceremony, the second a call to release a collective negative thought, and the third a higher closing procession which is all done to manage their coming year as positively as possible. 

A sudden influx of tourism in the surrounding area of their 300-populated town saw many new establishments arise from foreign investmentswhich consequently saw many local traders gradually go out of business. Using wonky synths, eclectic percussion and natural sounds, the group of five channel their innate negativity to a higher source whom calls out above "you are giving me all the business". This call is the thought of the foreign investors, and their perception of the local population 

After finding out the source of the groups negativity that has slowly built over the preceding year, a whirl of electronics, varied percussion, bass and estranged sounds begin the closing procession. This eight-minute improvised jam restores the collective energy between each member, and gives them a clear understanding of how to begin the new conscious year of the 'Monaco'.  

London label Claptrap are onto a unique and revitalising blend of psychedelic house through their first vinyl release with London duo Monaco (who consist of a couple of members from the label) and their Business EP. Made up of three live recorded hardware-based kraut-infused sessions in late 2016, Business EP sees Claptrap explore their intrinsic perception of music and its vinyl formatfollowing three cassette releases  



Released August 21, 2017