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Mind Safari - River of Cosmos (JKTN044)


Mind Safari - River of Cosmos (JKTN044)

The Dream Manipulator is the second album on Jacktone from rising Portuguese talent, Mind Safari...a man who has released a track on one of our previous compilations!

This 9-track album, which today's premiere is part of, was recorded over a period of two years and is conceptually based on the artist's relocation back to his hometown in Portugal, being surrounded by beautiful futuristic Nouveau architecture. Yet a closer looks reveals a city struggling and in need of renovation and repair...nostalgia meets a lost future. Musically, the album moves from beautiful beatless pieces to melodic ebm, lush electro, and acid-influenced dance-floor jams.

Available on 9th April on digital and tape - https://jacktonerecords.bandcamp.com.

Mind Safari was also the man behind the 32nd edition of our mix series, way way back!