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Mild Maynard - Aaleph (Darkfloor Sound)

Release Review

Mild Maynard - Aaleph (Darkfloor Sound)

The description on the Darkfloor bandcamp says:

Mild Maynyrd's album 'Aaleph' - spawned by a law enforcement shooting in his home city - tackles the socials ills of modern society though abrasive tones, constant movement, and an avant-garde structure. Equal parts paranoia, rage, and confusion, 'Aaleph' grinds dirty, processed noise into the pavement while dropping hard kicks and spastic percussion. A fitting farewell to 2016.

So let's see..

The album starts off with I (CS Gas), putting the listener as the main actor, hallucinating in the middle of an alerted crowd. Then propelled into a grotesque fanfare coloured by fast transitions of textures and rhythms, evocating a hard breakthrough into unknown territories.

This is a prelude to what is coming. Think of this album as a first-person psychedelic survival-horror in a not-so-god-blessed America.

In the next scene, II (Larpentuer), you start taking actions in your own hands, the sound design indicating that you’ve sunk into a deep state of paranoia, roaming the streets aimlessly. In the second half of the track you then realise you’re on a dance floor and people are looking at you in a strange way, but you don’t care, because they’re not real....only to then resume your aimless journey into those inner, uncharted territories.

“Why do i hate cops so much?” do you ask yourself.. and you then find yourself into III (Show Trial), dancing wildly in a dark room, pushing other punters until their holograms power down and you find yourself naked, full of blood, but still bouncing on some incoherent beats coming from non-existent speakers.

What are those voices in your head? It doesn’t matter, it’s probably your multiple personalities surfacing...

It’s now time to embrace your insanity and give the finger to reality. In IV (Overmind), you’re an assuming nutter, a proud paranoid schizophrenic. The membrane of reality has exploded and you’re entering your own paradise. It feels so good to be crazy.

The End.

The three last tracks are remixes. Taking elements from the four segments and giving them a more coherent, less avant-garde feel.

Savier remix is a creaking, steppy number based on a distorted loop, bringing melodic samples in and out with some reverb. Although made of harsh noises, it’s an hypnotising track.

MSQ remix is playing on heavily delayed vocal samples, an 808 beat and some acid elements.

Essentially, Dub made in an industrial fashion. If you’re into that sort of sound, you’ll probably like it.

Voidloss - Demons In Uniforms remix is maybe the most dancefloor remix.

It’s based on a melodic loop that drives the track and brings a demonic vibe (as described) which is augmented by pitched layers of vocal samples, until it drops on a 4/4 beat after the break. This could be dropped to effect in a dark strobe-filled room, on a big soundsystem.