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Metropolitan Soul Museum - Misunderstood Collection (Dionysian Mysteries)

Release Review

Metropolitan Soul Museum - Misunderstood Collection (Dionysian Mysteries)

As the title of the album describes, the latest release on Dionysian Mysteries is a collection of emotionally-charged dance music tracks, designed for the DJs to deploy on an open-minded crowd or in an expressive, contemplative radio show. Explorative in melody, Metropolitan Soul Museum definitely demonstrate a great understanding of musicality throughout, with plenty of gorgeously worked harmonies and effective drum programming. 

Tracks like ‘Eton’s Mess’ and ‘A 303 Dub’ carry tense yet comforting auras, and both work well as beatless DJ tools. The dub sensibility of ‘Paintbox’, which we premiered on Loose Lips, is great home-listening material, while the concluding tracks (remixes by ‘Mood J’ and ‘Pepe’) both manage to craft more straightforward club renditions to emphasise soundscapes.

As a whole, this emotionally-driven full-length release boasts honesty and transparency, nodding to Detroit techno’s early underproduction and infatuation with science fiction.