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Matt Barbier - Tetrahedron with Rotation [violin] (Carrier Records)


Matt Barbier - Tetrahedron with Rotation [violin] (Carrier Records)

A musical exploration of Platonic solids inspired by Tristan Duke's abrasion holograms. Performed on violin.

In Duke’s holography practice, lights reflect off of the intersections of hand etched circles to form floating geometric images in space. In his works, Barbier transcribes these holographic shapes into a lush sonic landscape using Plato’s five geometrically pure polyhedrons, also known as Platonic solids.

From Matt Barbier's Platonic Solids album on Carrier Records.

Out 29.11 on CD and digital - Pre-order: https://mattbarbier.bandcamp.com/album/platonic-solids-2