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Matias Aguayo - Support Alien Invasion

Release Review

Matias Aguayo - Support Alien Invasion

Matias Aguayo, German-Chilean producer/DJ and founder of the Cómeme label, releases his first album in six years! Well, for anyone fond of Aguayo’s productions, he’s always been a bit of a stickler for the unusual and groovy in the same hand. For me, listening back to some of his earlier releases on both Coméme and Kompakt, it is the psychedelia within the samples — ethnographic in nature —  psychedelic and colourful, that set him apart from a sea of techno monochrome. Six years later, Aguayo has returned, perhaps more tripped out than ever, back from the wilderness with an alien vision and ready to tell that tale.  

With the right layer of psychoactive dust, the Support Alien Invasion LP could be considered a message to the aliens. Pursuing a non-linear path in which he lets experiments form the basis of the nine compositions on this record, it’s pretty clear that this is not your bog-standard linearist dance music. Filled with hypnotic and reversed loops, tribal toms and sawtoothed synths, the twisted, helter-skelter grooves are precisely those that allow the trance to take hold at the witching hour. However, no matter how unusual this may sound, the tracks on Support Alien Invasion are listenable, accessible, danceable. Above all, they probe new boundaries and represent the explorations of a well-rounded artist testing new boundaries of dance. 

Support Alien Invasion is due to be released on May 24 on Cómeme and Crammed Discs. The LP is also available on Matias Aguayo's Bandcamp page. 


1. The Fold

2. We Have Seen Another World

3. 2019

4. Support Alien Invasion

5. Insurgentes

6. Laisse-moi Parler

7. Between The Risings

8. Pikin

9. Spread This Number