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Masks - EP2 (Spring Theory)

Release Review

Masks - EP2 (Spring Theory)

The duo behind Masks comprise Max Ravits a.k.a. Patricia (Opal Tapes, Spectral Sound, L.I.E.S.) and Alexis Georgopoulos a.k.a. Arp. Both have their second release that is obviously a blend of two interesting but distinguishable different producers.

It is a very interesting thing that the EP was all recorded from a live performance. there are no overdubs or anything of that kind; hence, you can detect a faint hiss in the background and the whole analog warmth to the sound.

The EP starts with ‘In This Room’, a cloudy, danceable track that keeps its pace over thirteen minutes. The bass has an acidic touch, with the light groove adding to the whole texture of the track, making those minutes pass by in a flash.

‘In Another Room’ open with a hi-hat sequence, creating a dream-like atmosphere and then moving on to the depths of what acid can give. ‘Emotional Response’ starts with some very tribal-like percussions before the main kick enters, fusing the beat together.

Bookworms' remix of ‘In This Room’ is the darkest track on the EP, a variant of the original sound, Bookworms has covered up the original with layers of noisy soundscapes that move from one side to the other.

Overall, the four tracks on this ep all deliver, with the first two being the stronger points in it. There is a very strong summer vibe all around and reaching the depths of the hypnotic side of techno. Masks – EP2 has the flow that the two producers deliver without a hustle.