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Marabou - Rote Kobra (BEEF082)


Marabou - Rote Kobra (BEEF082)

This premiere comes from BEEF082 - a selection of patient, melodic techno. The EP has a euphoric feel throughout, always accompanied by trippy, coarse sounds.


'Nachtcafe EP' is available digitally on the 27th Jan, exclusively via Traxsource until the 7th April when it's distributed via other stores.



Marabou is a 'Permanent Aktiv' astronaut who is originally from Oldenburg in Northern Germany, but has been living on the moon for many, many years now. He’s had his armchair, his computer, some synths and a little sound system with him. From day to day, he’s sat watching mother earth’s beauty and developed an aching in his heart. And so one day, he decided to start experimenting….