Loose Lips


Pre event review


A full on marathon of audiovisual performances, live music, DJs, special AV events or discussions in the fall of 2020? SOPHIE, Helena Hauff, Robert Henke, Shackleton…? Yes, we can! Despite this year’s unpredictable circumstances, the crew of Lunchmeat festival was determined not to follow suit with many other music festivals and events which were forced to be postponed or canceled altogether. Despite the uncertainties, their inspiring optimism and hard work has helped to create a killer programme of audiovisual performances, which the Prague audience can enjoy all around the city. “We want to keep the scene moving and send a message that it is possible to do things,” says Jakub Pešek, the head of the festival. Even though the capacity is limited and the time programmes start sooner than formerly planned, the festival goes forward with its 11th edition, “following all the necessary safety precautions, but not living in fear.”

If you’ve been on a club celibate this year, as much as I was, and you find yourself in Prague between now and October 3rd, go quench your music nerd thirst in venues including CAMP, Ankali club, Archa Theatre and of course to the concrete underground halls of Veletržní palác, where the main programme will take place on the weekend. Check out the whole programme in detail on the Lunchmeat website and get your ticket here.

Zuzana’s Picks:


The Scull Disco founder’s hybrid of post-dubstep, percussive hypnotic rhythms, unsettling vocal samples and minimalist loops has been putting listeners in a trance since the 2000s. Let that subwoofer buzz your tummy, close your eyes, move those limbs around and see where his live set takes you!


Forget Lemonade. Sophie let us hear her gentle voice hovering over abrasive sounds thrusting into our ears and slayed it with a luminous, celebratory twist on pop which sets the future in the now. Her performances also went a long way - from what the Youtube archive shows, the shyness of a still producer hid behind a machine I encountered 5 years ago at a CTM festival is long gone. SOPHIE is a confident performer serving looks and entrées of disemboweled beats through laser beams - a seizure menu I wouldn’t want to miss to taste.

Nina Pixel w/ Adrián Kriška present Ancestral Archeology

Nina Pixel (also known as Black Acid and Palm Reader) is known for her conceptual hybrid sets grinding up sounds, loops, samples and feelings into a dark techno mass. In the world premiere of her newest audiovisual project, she teamed up with a visual artist and photographer Adrián Kriška in order to reinterpret the Slovak folklore narratives and explore our own identities with our senses. “How does the soil of your home taste? What is the sound of your skin?” Join them to see, hear and feel the answers to these questions.

NINA PIXEL live at Punctum from Punctum on Vimeo.

Evil Medvěd

I fell in love with this Scottish lush bassy experimental modular freshness a while ago and can’t seem to shake it off. Orange is the new black!

EVIL MEDVĚD Exclusive Live Set 4 A2LARM from A2_LARM on Vimeo.

28th September - 3rd October

Various venues, Prague, Czech Republic