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Luce's Playing Favourites


Luce's Playing Favourites

Growing up in France, Luce was the introvert who wiled hours away making playlists for rooms, rather than preparing to inhabit their centre. After arriving in the UK 6 years ago, she started mixing records and the music span her into the spotlight; ‘I was at home doing a mix and putting together the most awesome transition -- I was filled with energy and happiness... but somehow something was missing. It was at that precise moment that I realised I didn't have anyone to share it with; no one but me to appreciate the vibe I had created. Ultimately, it was that moment that drove me to overcome an element of my introverted nature and push myself to play out!’ Since then she has has set up one of Bristol’s best curated nights, Greenhouse Effect, booking Loose Lips favourites across the scale, from Mama Snake through to Tem, whilst consistently rattling ceilings with her own eclectic sets. We’re enormously excited to share her picks, a selection of her all time favourite tracks.

No Moon - I left My Dial In Pyroviac

Ambient and Acid elements harmoniously assembled to the sound of a soft kick drum and percussion slowly building up throughout the track make it the perfect opening for things to come.

DJ Plant Texture - Press Play On That MF MPC Maaan 

As a true Ilian Tape fan, it was hard to pick one track only from the label. Released in late 2017, Dona, under his other alias, brings something different! The old school hip hop atmosphere of the track with goofy vocal samples are sure to generate a smile on dancers’ faces and get the party going. 

Planet Soul - Set u free

This underrated 1996 hit fits perfectly early on in my sets. The crowd always loosens up to the sound of Nadine Renee’s delicious vocals and the 90’s acid and breaks elements of this timeless classic.

Locked Club - Svoboda (feat. Vadim Seleznev)

My favourite EP of 2018, every track on Svoboda (“Freedom”) by Russian duo Locked Club is peak time worthy. If I could only pick one, this would be it. There is something special about throwing in a record with a lot of lyrics and vocals in an underground house and techno scene that tends to favour instrumental tracks. This will be sure to bring an increased focus to your set.

Sync 24 - This Life

Playing a DJ set is all about the journey you take the dancers on. This stripped down Electro gem with monotone vocals will cast a dark and mysterious atmosphere in the room… ideal for attracting the audience’s attention before bringing the energy back up.

Ploy - Ramos

The percussive style and broken rhythm of this track from London-based producer Sam Smith, aka Ploy, is ideal for changing the tempo mid-set and is also great or building up the energy in the room. You can go anywhere from here.

Ballistiq Beats - Concrete Jungle (Yardman Riddim ft Jamakabi) (Beneath's 350 Remix)

A set is the opportunity for me to showcase all of the various sub-genres of music that I love and keeping the crowd interested in doing so. Largely influenced by the local underground scene since I moved to the UK in 2011 this track is an all time favourite.

Fjaak - Matte

Another memorable 2018 release which I have played all year long, and I am still not bored of it. The reaction from the crowd speaks for itself every single time. This is peak time.

Introversion - Unmarried Old Man

The heavy techno kick drum with reverb effects associated to the foreign chants and occasional breakbeat sequences make for a powerful techno track which always channels the highest energy throughout the dancefloor. Success guaranteed.

Textasy - Déjà Vu Bass (ft. DJ Di'jital)

Breakbeat, distorted vocal samples and changes of key work amazingly with this badass of a track which uses samples of the Spandau Ballet’s “True” as a main element. If this doesn’t generate a reaction with the crowd, I don’t know what will. My personal favourite for closing a night and creating something truly memorable for the dancers."