Loose Lips

Loose Lips DnB Fix 002 - Kasra


Loose Lips DnB Fix 002 - Kasra

DnB fix is back and today, we’re showcasing the new release from Critical Music head-honcho Kasra. Since its inception the label has constantly led the way when it comes to dark technical drum and bass, and have they set the bar high.

The label has been home to some of the industry’s finest talent, finding a solid home for the likes of Halogenix, Enei and Foreign Concept amongst many more. Upholding the trend of stellar releases on the label is Umami; taken from Kasra’s Mechanique EP

Umami provides us with the eerily familiar Kasra, despite sounding rough and raw, under the hood you can tell it’s nothing short of intricate; with each individual sound a masterclass in sound design. Roaring deep bass stabs carry the stomping drums through yet another impeccable track from one of Drum and Bass’ most prevalent producers. Umami is in the spotlight this time around; but don’t sleep on the rest of the release, with a remix and feature from Critical regular Enei thrown in for good measure; it’s not one to miss out on.