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Loose Lips DnB Fix 001 - Monument Banks

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Loose Lips DnB Fix 001 - Monument Banks

Given the increasing popularity of our Jungle and Hardcore Marathon; it’s become pretty obvious to us here at Loose Lips that there was a specific genre not quite getting the love and attention it deserved, here on the blog.  That genre, Drum and Bass, has arrived. 

We’re happy to announce a new feature on the website, providing you with your weekly Drum and Bass Fix. 

First up is Monument Banks AKA Ben Heraud.  After a slew of releases over on Melinki’s Four Corners Music, Monument Banks comes through with a liquid sensation on the Program imprint in the form of Miya Maya.

A combination of Ethereal synths and a vocal yearning to break into the track lead us into the break, where we are treated to jazz flavoured piano and soothing strings. Joined later by a deep yet not out of place sub-bass to keep the track moving.  The step-up onto a label like Program shows that the producer isn’t just good, he’s great. Expecting to see a lot more of him in the future.

Miya May/Coltrane's Truth is out now on Program