Loose Lips

Loose Lips' 2019 memories


Loose Lips' 2019 memories

An incredible year, a whirlwind...

10 of our crew recount their finest memories from the last 12 months of Loose Lips escapades, closing out the decade in style...

TOM BLAIN - DnB Fix editor / Manchester crew

Whilst the last year has been full of incredible times, my personal highlight for 2019 is that it's the year we took Drum and Bass to where it belongs. Launching a new feature is daunting, but thankfully our DnB Fix has gone down a right treat. Next year we’re really looking forward to working with some special labels and DJs who are killing it, helping take the feature to the next level and beyond.

Loose Lips DnB Fix 001 - Monument Banks

JASPER GOLDING - graphic designer / videographer / Bristol crew

Back in October, I was asked to come up and film Loose Lips' 5th Anniversary party in Bristol, at Dare 2 Club, with Galaxian and Lurka, among others. Having then just recently joined the crew, this was my first ever LL rave up! It turned out the Loose Lips DJs were just as sick as the headliners, consistency throughout - really decent electro and fun tunes, big energy right through into the morning. As a videographer, it was easy to make this club look like fun - it was a really intimate spot, a swingers club with a rig in it and an off limits 'dungeon'...

The crew were solid and more than welcoming, felt like a great bunch from the start, keen to keep everyone having a good time, ending with a bruck off final b2b between Paxman and Verrell. So much time for them, sick interesting events.

HOWARD MADE - Sunday Jams editor / Manchester crew

My Loose Lips 2019 journey has been amazing, due to the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been able to go. Boomtown was one of the highlights, where I styled and customised the costumes for the whole crew. More recently, I have been active as the northern A&R for the label, helped to curate parties in Manchester, and most recently, have taken over the weekly Sunday Jams feature.

You'll be hearing more from this in the coming decade...hol tight ya nan!

Howard Made's Sunday Jams: Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice

WILL SOER - Deep Cuts editor / editorial team / London crew

An obvious one to anyone who’s seen my frantically hyped social posts of late, it would have to be the Loose Lips radio show that I guest hosted along with Julia Star. I was only asked to do it that morning, Julia said yes and sent me a new demo, before suggesting she just sing live over the instrumental. I also asked her to bring in something to read over the inaugural Deep Cuts mix, within which I combined songs from all of the first article’s contributors (https://bit.ly/2YTde5J). She read a poem directly from her diary. Listening back to all how well all these different songs and thoughts and voices fit together (on the shared theme of ‘head space’) is madly exciting for me.

Head Space (Loose Lips' inaugural Deep Cuts feature!!!)

T-SCALE - head of Website & Content Mgmt dept. / resident DJ / Balkans crew

2019 has been a strong milestone year for Loose Lips with an ever expanding and unified crew! Having been an early Grime and Dubstep head back in 2003, I've always been fond of modern "post-Grime" Bass music released by labels such as Keysound, who we had the pleasure of collaborating with back in late November of this year. Helping us put together a dream team line-up with the likes of Logos, Walton, Kellen303, Gage, Dusk + Blackdown, Shelley Parker, Squane, Ganesha, Koast MC and, of course, LL residents Paxman, Medallion Man, Treece and myself! Hearing this FWD music all night long in this secret venue gave me the goosebumps, with a crowd that was there for the music and properly into it!

Another highlight was our event at Minus Eden in Skopje. Having first been invited over there back in 2016 (myself, Medallion Man, Rommek & Milo), by now close friends BTKRSH, I then moved there shortly after, in 2017! After all that time and so many incredible Balkan experiences, it was special to now host our first very own Loose Lips event here in Macedonia! Hyper-enthusiastic crowd, Billy Nasty killing it in due form, and a b2b with brother-in-arms Medallion Man & I...to terminate the night, what an amazing memory that was...

TREECE - resident MC / Manchester crew

2019 has been a mad year for Loose Lips and for myself. Too many milestones to mention. My release ‘And The Handsome Family’, and the remix V/A that followed it (both on our own Loose Lips imprint) was a definite highlight, so shouts to all the artists involved in that...there might be more remixes still to come yet!

And, can't be forgetting...

- our spring event with Schwefgelb and Torn Relics in The White Hotel

- the longest festival season I’ve endured in years, (my back ain’t init anymore)

- the yearly family reunion on our Block Party stage at Boomtown

- our Jungle & Hardcore marathon event in Manchester with 2 Bad Mice, Source Direct, DJ Absolutely Shit and more

- meeting Chabuddy G in the booth at our fat Keysound collab rave

- MC’ing across the channel in Paris

- and the biggest highlight of the lot has got to be the fact that we ain’t on the megabus anymore...it’s trains trains everywhere these days baby baby. Roll on the next decade. Let’s make legend!

FOOTSOLDIER - resident DJ / Manchester crew

My 2019 with Loose Lips was great, it’s been great to get more involved with the crew especially with the events up in Manchester, in particular our jungle and hardcore parties. 2 smaller parties paved the way for a massive night to finish the year at The White Hotel. We booked Source Direct and 2 Bad Mice to headline alongside local selectors DJ Absolutely Shit (Red Laser Records bossman aka Il Bosco), Jim Bane (Eastern Bloc) and DJ Luz & Ceska (Limbo Radio). The night was sold out in advance which is always ideal as there was no pressure on the door sales and everyone’s mood was elevated from the moment tickets went off sale. It was one of those events where everything just clicked into place and ran perfectly, all the DJs played huge sets and the choices of headliners seemed to perfectly purvey the sound we were looking to capture at the event. 2 Bad Mice played an absolutely electric old skool hardcore set filled with their signature heavenly old skool sound, which was then complimented by 90 minutes of in-your-face rolling Jungle bass lines and heavy Drum & Bass which just completely took the crowd to the next level. Woody (DJ Absolutely Shit) then brought the levels back down to finish the night on a beautiful hardcore set which had the whole crowd hugging each other till the lights came on, he even played Erik B & Rakim - Know The Ledge towards the end which I loved. Of all the events I have ever been involved in this has definitely set the bar for the future.

ZUZANA FRIDAY - journalist 

2019 was less about writing and more about experience. The Loose Lips x Voidance Records, at Maze club in Berlin, celebrating our 5th Anniversary, was definitely one of the most fun events I’ve been too this year. I came to hang out for one or two beers, but the UKG and sick bouncy tunes didn’t let me leave the dancefloor until the early morning! 

KORTZER - head of North of UK dept. / resident DJ / Manchester crew

It was so hard to decide on a best moment of the year. 2019 has been absolutely jam packed, full of action - throwing so many great parties, travelling around meeting new people and experiencing new places. My highlight of the year has to be touring America & Canada with Medallion Man, even if I did have to close his suitcase for him for a whole month...

A specific memory I have to look back on is playing on the legendary and humongous Tsunami Bass Soundsystem in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC! The venue was even packed out with a huge vibrating dance floor! People were even lying on it getting a massage...now that's a proper dubstep rave!

NEUTRAL TERRITORY - head of Editorial dept. / resident DJ / London crew

For me, Loose Lips collaborating with Fold in London, hosting The Mover in London for the first time in 25 years, was something pretty damn special - big ups to everyone involved in the name of music!