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Lee Scott (Blah)


Lee Scott (Blah)

Ahead of this Friday's first ever Blah Records showcase in Manchester, hosted by yours truly, we fired some quick questions at the man who started it all...

Sum up Blah records to an alien. 

I wouldn't need to, they'd already understand. They are our target audience.

What does it mean to you to have your first label showcase in Manchester Friday? 

It means the world. I love Manchester like that brother you pretend to dislike cos he supports a different team or some shit but really you love. Manchester to me has been a dominant force in music since the early 90s so it's an honour no doubt.

We've seen Sniff drop a new tune on Blah's channel. Is there anything in the pipeline? 

He has an album coming soon produced by Formz and probably a couple other little things in the build up.

Name 2 new musicians you're bumping at the moment. 

The only new shit I can think of that I've bumped a few times recently is some rap stuff, Nacho Picasso and Ski Mask The Slump God. The new Corbin aka Spooky Black album too actually.

Would you rather drown in a pot of hummus or baked beans? 

Hummus, but I hate both. I just hate hummus less now. I used to really hate hummus because I thought only middle class white ladies who drank skinny lattes ate hummus. I later learnt that I'm just uncultured and and ignorant and then I started to really like hummus but now every time I have it I get a fucked stomach so now I hate it for making me feeling this way. Bearing all of this incredible information in mind, fuck baked beans altogether! That shit is a conspiracy.

Would you rather climb an infinite staircase or an infinite ladder? 

Staircase obviously.

What's coming from Blah in 2018?

Drakes new album and we will also reveal this new colour we have discovered.