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Laura Luna Castillo - Laminares (GEN030)

Release Review

Laura Luna Castillo - Laminares (GEN030)

For Prague-based Genot Centre, #30 in the catalog takes the form of a full-length solo album by Mexican audiovisual artist Laura Luna Castillo. Laminates, released on 28 September, comes in a limited edition run of 55 C50 cassettes decorated by visual artist Sam Balfus. Having recently performed in festivals including the likes of Unsound and Mutek, the Prague-based artist’s latest collection of soundscapes are from the artist’s 'self-contained world'. 

Castillo previously released her debut album 'Isolários' on another Prague-based label — Baba Vanga. Her new record delivers another hauntingly enchanting record filled with stretched-out drones, granular atmospheres, ghostly strings and cascading arpeggios, all wrapped up in unobtrusive tape hiss. 

In Laminates, the album runs its course over eight full-length jams, all with their own subtle atmospheres that call to mind many of Boards of Canada's chillout excursions. Each of the tracks contains layers of dreamy samples and loops — field recordings and drones lay slow-moving foundations for her textural constructions, upon which Castillo provides the listener with a springboard from which to leap into lifted states. 

As sinewave blips rise and fall, darting in and out of the mix in laser-like flux, the artist’s penchant for creating these cosmic, almost primordial environments emerges as a binding thread of the record. These slow-moving foundations give a sense of the theatrical through fragmented samples of spoken word, moody strings and hypnotic loops. 

Released on September 28, 2018, Laura Luna Castillo's Laminates LP is available in both digital and cassette through the Genot Centre label.