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La Houle - Phil's Odyssey (ONT005)


La Houle - Phil's Odyssey (ONT005)

Kosmische musik excursions by La Houle, put into image by graphic artist Antoine Djack, mirroring the minimalist, yet heartwarming and contemplative quality of this piece.

Usually accustomed to noisy pop, the band’s singer and composer Simon Sockeel took advantage of this confinement period to re-discover paintings by his grandfather, Lionel, which inspired him to re-think his way of composing.  Armed with a multitrack tape recorder, La Houle lays on tape what is set to be "listened to or simply heard”, echoing the “furniture music” coined by Erik Satie.

From La Houle's Dehors au Dedans LP on Onto Records.

Out 03.07 on cassette and digital - Pre-order: https://ontorecords.bandcamp.com