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Krankbrother Gigs @ Union Chapel, London - April & May 2018

Event Preview

Krankbrother Gigs @ Union Chapel, London - April & May 2018

We bewildered souls bumbling blindly in the smoke exuded by the impossibly vast, life-crunching mangle that is 'Londinium Taan' periodically and, with great legitimacy, ask 'Why the fuck are we living here?'.  The futuristic rents, the pollution, the stabbings, acid attacks, Bedlam, over-priced everything, chains, Westfield, Terrorism, Australians, other people's children etc etc...we all seem to be living 'just enough for the city' and very little for ourselves. And yet there are compensations some of which go a long way to making up for all we endure. Where else in the world are people spoiled for choice to the extent that numerous world class cultural events occur almost daily? Those of us who are snobbish about music can take for granted rare & unique happenings such as the beautifully curated series presented by Krankbrother featuring Midori Takada, Jan Jelinek, Tangerine Dream and William Basinski amongst others (to be experienced in the idyllic setting of Islington's Union Chapel, no less). Believe me - shit like this isn't happening in Castleford. It certainly isn't happening in Geneva. So before this great city finally succumbs to its own success and dies of money let's all take compensation where and while we can. We might even leave feeling that its all been worth it.