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Kortzer's Sunday Jams: The Drifters - There Goes My Baby


Kortzer's Sunday Jams: The Drifters - There Goes My Baby

Today is going to be my final Sunday Jam! I've thoroughly enjoyed selecting the sounds of Sunday for the last year or so but now is time for me to hand over the baton to good friend and colleague, Howard Made. Sunday Jams has been a sobering duty each weekend, often waking late in the afternoon to messages asking why Sunday Jams has not been uploaded and the only answer being that the weekend is a cruel mistress. 

For my final Sunday Jam I've chosen The Drifters - There Goes My Baby. The Drifters are arguably one of the greatest Doo Wop groups of all time yet as the musicians were people who struggled enormously and were very underpaid. One thing that I didn't know is that the Drifters have had over 60 members including the great Ben E King. 

I felt this track was fitting to finish on and sums up my love affair with Sunday Jams. I've not always been there for her and now I have to see her move on haha! This is definitely one of my favourite tracks of all time and is very fitting of a Sunday. One of my favourite things about the track has to be the pairing of the strings that really set the mood with the lead vocal and acapella. One thing about this track is that it ends too early!

Thank you to anyone who's read & enjoyed any of my Sunday Jam series. It has been a pleasure to share some of my favourite music, muisc that I don't get the opportunity to play to others very frequently. I'm sad to be handing over the torch but scrambling to upload them in a hungover state sincerely won't be missed!