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Kinbotte - In The Subway (Color Squad Records)

Release Review

Kinbotte - In The Subway (Color Squad Records)

Contrary to its name, this album can be enjoyed elsewhere than In The Subway… In your room, in a

concert hall, on the bus, in your car, and so on. The feeling of inhabiting an empty subway, searching

desperately for some warmth, fighting to survive in the cold, pervades its tone. Wobbly, cranky

distortion lacing the backdrops of burning pads, as hot as burning barrels. A plethora of locomotive

rhythm charges through the tracks, as consistent as the chugging of rapid transit. Indeed, the

assortment of experimental house and electronic curiosities radiates a particularly odd, highly textural


Though tracks like "Palindrome" verge on the dissonant, their resonant backgrounds serve as

counterparts to obsessively determinate beats. The composition is as switched on and off as easily as

one's lights, though layered in a way that builds up and breaks down very particularly, much like your

old LEGO set. The titular "In The Subway" crowds its descending tom-like lead with a precociously funky

percussion section, while the bass ominously hums away. Combining all this just to strip it away and

mutate into yet another more calming section tied together with exquisitely harmonious strumming,

and returning yet again to its ever-modified chorus.

The main critique I would have of this is the synchronization. At times it may come off as pleasantly

organic, while at others it may simply be off-putting and sudden. Beyond that, I can appreciate the live

modulation and/or analog limitations, if that is the case. Overall the composition and selection of

sounds highly benefits a release that oscillates between the traditional and the avant-garde.

Kinbotte hails from Portugal has been releasing ambient and electronic music since 2015. In The Subway

was released as a digital release on Color Squad Records in August 2018. He has released music on their

netlabel since early 2017.