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Keiss - Schelest (TM48)


Keiss - Schelest (TM48)

A modern, minimal, soulful, Burial-esque Ambient Drum&Bass piece, in parts reminiscent of the clicky rhythms of Unit's seminal Narcoleptic Symphony and of the glory days of classic Electronica from the early 2000's. Majestic.

From Keiss' Tau Ceti album on Touched Music. Includes remixes by Karsten Pflum, Carbinax and Sobrio.

An album preview showcase will be held tomorrow at 21:00 via Mixlr, starting with some vintage Electronica and following with the album at 21:30 - http://mixlr.com/touched-music

Out 29.06 on digital and limited CD (50 copies) - Pre-order: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/tau-ceti