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K-Lone - Sine Language EP

Release Review

K-Lone - Sine Language EP

K-Lone’s Sine Language EP is the latest release to come out on the artist's own Bristol-based imprint Wisdom Teeth, which he runs with Facta. The synchronistic Sine Language EP slinks fluidly through four movers that flit between dusky electro and percussive workouts for the deep mind.  Full of evolving, organic, yet tightly-sync’d loops, there's a degree of complexity over the course of the four tracks that makes it external—rhythm-centred—yet at the same time internally reflective and organic. 

On a long intercity night bus journey from Madrid one night, I listened to Chris Watson’s Stepping Into The Darkness, mainly to block out the sounds of the engine and the other passengers. Over the 12 tracks, Watson captures 'the actual sound within each particular location, without external influence’. As day turns to night, the listener can hear the subtle differences to the natural environment—birds, insects, the elements. Somehow, on the Sine Language EP, I somehow drew a connection between Stepping Into The Darkness; maybe it’s the bells of ‘Bells’, the otherworldly percussion in 'Batucada' or just the way the four tracks progress like a metaphysical night ride: leaving an urban zone for the natural realm, interacting with the spirits and making back home again well before the sun comes up.

As Sine Language progresses from the opening track of the same name — a well-rounded electro number, the EP goes out-of-town via the tribalism of ‘Batucada’ and into a more psychedelic twilight; we’ve entered the dreamy forest clearing of 'Missed Calls'. A polyrhythmic set of modularesque crickets chirp away in a swirling chaos around a hypnotic, ecstatic groove. There’s really something about the twilight here, when the bugs start to come out. On this release, the tracks weigh heavily on sample-based percussion, which is in no way overstimulating, and in its subtle manipulation of the beatgrid, lends well to the overall elasticity across the four tracks. Good for all seasons and weathers, I’d love to hear this played outside. 

K-Lone - Sine Language EP came out on May 31, 2019 on Wisdom Teeth. It is available on vinyl and digital. 



  1. Sine Language
  2. Batucada
  3. Missed Calls
  4. Bells