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Jio - TFW (Quiet Time)


Jio - TFW (Quiet Time)

The prolific Jiovanni Nadal greets the new year with an exciting new project on Quiet Time. The multifaceted producer has put music out most notably as J. Albert on the likes of 1080p, Hypercolour and The Trilogy Tapes, and even under different monikers such as Gazatech.

Having also started the Exotic Dance Records label with Person of Interest, it’s fair to say that Mr Nadal seems to have organised and thought out every movement of artistic output with great consideration. It’s no surprise but still great news to see the emergence of his latest project. The greatest qualities exhibited by the producer make a reappearance on the beats of this nine-track mixtape. The soulful qualities that oozed in some of his past releases have now manifested in very heartfelt falsetto singing. Most songs would feel right at home in the collection of Sampha fans and “Circular Thinking Pt 1” has some Burial-esque undertones as well. “Precious” is one of the highlights, with a tastefully crafted trap beat and Jio’s singing meshing effortlessly together. 

Out now on double cassette and digital