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Impact Driver's Serotonin


Impact Driver's Serotonin

Serotonin. What a playlist theme ay? You might imagine a serotonin playlist simply gathering good music, or any music that sounds good when you're munching chunks of cheek and seeing God in the process. This article implies something more specific, music that either evokes or hijacks those jagged, exciteable and unhinged rushes of euphoria that raise the night's significance, slingshotting you towards God, for realsies. Shout out to Impact Driver on this one, as per all spotifyable tracks are gathered here, take it away... 

Melancholic vocals over some nice lush sound design with a cold vibe running throughout it. I was obsessed with this track when it came out a little while ago. Great track to listen to when you thought you had life all sussed out but then you realise you didn't have a clue as some unpredictable situation messes up all your plans. Beautifully shot video as well so full screen it and close all the social media tabs and zone out for a bit !

Sometimes in life you just gotta break some shit and let it all out. Warning please do this in the comfort of your house and most definitely alone. This is the soundtrack to that experience !

Right then let's calm down a bit with the awesome CHXPO. Some super spaced out rhythms and rhymes to sooth your christmas comedowns.

Christmas is over. Thank fuck ! We made it through. Let Dizziee give you some motivation. Have been in love with the track for years. Wake up early, smoke a big one, grab a coffee and go smash your day. One of them tunes to get you out of bed in the morning.

Next up is uk Legend Joe Farr with this absolute slab of greatness. If you cycle this is a great one to not get knocked off your bike to. Another great tune to get some positive vibes into your mind, body and soul. I once cleared a whole kitchen of coke fueled people who work in “film “to this. It was fucking great. Be your own person ! You will eventually find your gang of freaks.

What can I say about this one. Absolute steamer. Pure class.

Right after all that madness is times for a good fooking cry. Let this be the song you do it to. Just pure heaven to listen to on good headphones. Hopefully it's raining outside while the tears roll down your face to this one !

Great twitchy track to over think everything in your life too. At least you can have a soundtrack to the madness.

One more for the tear book. Amazing lyrics and an awesome video if you get the chance to watch the whole thing.

Was listening to this one the other night after a few joints with the lights off and just this on full screen with good headphones on. Another great track to make you realise how unpredictable life is.

Please play this Loud ! Another absolute tweaker to embrace your emotions over this very strange festive period.
Anyways I have been Impact Driver. Thanks for reading.