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Howard Made's Sunday Jams: My Chemical Romance - Mama


Howard Made's Sunday Jams: My Chemical Romance - Mama

Seeing as their new tour has just been announced and I'm fucking elated. You can all have a bowl of this, I will literally fight you if you say they're not a good band. 

Anyone who does a polka-esque tune about a solider at war writing letters to his mother who is ashamed of him, featuring a verse from the offspring of Judy Garland is more than worthy of a Howard Made Sunday jam.

They're camp, dynamic, theatrical and their harmonies could give the beach boys a run for their money. They were just so ahead of their emo peers at the time, taking the sound to a whole another level; whilst the rest of them were playing power cords sporting shit fringes (alas, it was a different time) MCR were creating a caberet concept album. Gerard Way is a general creative powerhouse, if you haven't already go check out his comic which has now been turned into a netflix series "the umbrella acadamy". 

Also Liza Minelli spontaneously added the crying at the end herself.