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Howard Made's Sunday Jams: Kanye West - Ultralight Beam


Howard Made's Sunday Jams: Kanye West - Ultralight Beam

So I know I did a Kanye tune last week but I don't care, this is a pivotal change in my life. This week I discovered the Wim Hoff breathing technique.

I’d heard about it before off friends but just told them they were nuts and I thought cold showers were just a bizzare form of self harm. But ohhhhhhh my days, I was so wrong. I did the breathing excerise following one of his youtube tutorials, psyched myself up a bit more, did the horse stance, jogged on the spot, did some star jumps, shouted at my own reflection and hopped in the shower. UNREAL. 

Every fibre of my being was absolutely on one, never felt so good, literal super saiyan, then I just listened to kanye b2b kanye, my power growing stronger by each album. When I got to Ultralight Beam I was a formidable force (or at least I thought I was until I came down from my power trip after writing in my diary), we all know it's an unbelievable song, but combined with Wim Hoff breathing it's just adhfiulshuaiewgukjfhkaebauhdciqh 

What I'm trying to say is Wim Hoff + listening to Kanye West = the ability to do anything.

I may be deluded but who cares, if it works for ya, do it.