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House Of Life - Verbatschtes Blut (Gemišt Part II V/A)


House Of Life - Verbatschtes Blut (Gemišt Part II V/A)

It's the big 5! Berlin-Frankfurt based label House Is OK is celebrating its five-year long presence and has decided to mark that period with something special...

The label's story started with a sticker Homeboy printed in his former hometown, Zagreb, saying “House Is OK”. Catchy, right? It became an underground slogan of the local scene. It didn't take long for people to embrace the idea stating that it's OK to be into melodic, fresh, groovy dance music...yet at times a bit awkward.

Just around the same time Homeboy's Frankfurt based bros Oliver Achatz and Janis played with the idea of starting a record label. Guess what the logical choice for the name was? Ten records, dozens of original songs and remixes later, 'House Is OK; continues to grow. Literally. What was once a platform for the original three founders is now an international family affair, supporting talented artists from Frankfurt, Stockholm, Alexandria and Orlando.

Our premiered tracks roars and groans - a real favourite of our resident T-Scale who wouldn't stop bloody playing it on our recent Loose Lips to Macedonia!

How to celebrate? A double 12” pack titled “Gemišt” seemed like a proper way to do that. Released 9th March - https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/94014-hiok010b-roman-flügel--oliver-achatz--tcb--house-gemišt-part-ii