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Hometown Hereos - MusicIs4Lovers Interview w/ Medallion Man & T-Scale from Loose Lips


Hometown Hereos - MusicIs4Lovers Interview w/ Medallion Man & T-Scale from Loose Lips

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How did you guys get into dance music and DJing? Do you remember a specific moment of inspiration or was it an evolution?T-Scale: Got massively inspired by listening to the Blech 2 mix by  P.C. & Strickly Kev, over and over with my mates. I think that’s the  perfect example of an eclectic mix that keeps continuity throughout.  Watching numerous DJs play, getting inspired by their technique,  encouraged me to learn.Medallion Man: I first started via radio, hosting a  show on a number of Internet radio stations. This acted as the catalyst  for a growth in my knowledge of music and I then started to play out out  around London. There are numerous moments of inspiration – for example,  hearing Kenny Larkin’s ‘Q’ track and quickly becoming obsessed with  techno. However, it was undoubtedly an evolution, learning the  differences between mixing in a club and on the radio in how to engage a  crowd.

Loose Lips—How’d that happen?The name can mean a number of different things…we leave it up to your imagination! Like a lot of start-up promoters, we were fed up with the bookings we  were getting and the predictable nature of a lot of London’s events. It  felt like our passion needed to be pursued by us, as opposed to trying to match someone else’s image. We wanted to start an event that  reflected our broad tastes, bringing different crowds together, whilst maintaining a focus on quality. From the start, this caused problems in trying to create an identity  that wasn’t focused on one genre. However, in maintaining a focus on  diversity, we have thrown a wide range of engaging parties over the last  year which draw influence from a number of different scenes. Since our  first party in October 2014, we haven’t looked back, encapsulated by the  project day in and day out!

Describe the scene in London in 5 words or less… Saturated, disconnected…YET….dynamic & creative. 

Are there plans for Loose Lips to expand outside of Europe? Yes, for sure. There is so much exciting stuff going on  globally and so it would be closed minded to focus only on Europe. We  have made some great bonds around the world. In the US for example,  LA-based label Plastic Love came onto our radio show recently and we  also had a wicked track from San Francisco-based ‘Worker Parasite’ on  our fourth compilation album. The same goes for Asia. We look forward to  travelling to these places in the coming years. Eventually though, we plan to take over the world…it may take a while! If not us, our kids will!!!  

Besides your compilation albums on Soundcloud are there any goals on building the Loose Lips brand into a full-blown label? Definitely! It’s almost a natural progression for a collective  like ourselves. For the time being though, we are enjoying working on  eclectic compilations every 2 months. 

What the motivation behind infusing hip-hop with house music? In London at the moment, the scenes can often seem a bit  segregated. We have very varied tastes though and so when we chose to  start a night, we felt obliged to corroborate these. Whether Jungle,  Deep House or Ambient, these are all elements of our tastes/culture and  so deserve showcasing. Our hope in doing this is to bring crowds  together, introducing them to new styles of music and discovering  connections between them. For example, both our mixes for you are  reasonably dancefloor-focused but hint towards lots of other influences. Crucially though, this doesn’t mean that our nights have no fixed  appeal and that our mixes are confusing! We focus thoroughly on  different sounds on different occasions, hoping that some of the crowd  from our Hip Hop events, for example, come along to our next  House/Techno night! Put it this way…if Loose Lips only showcased house music, and you  then showed us a Wiley beat, we’d start kicking ourselves, unable to  play it out! 

 Name a couple core values you hold as a DJ? T-Scale: 1) The music comes first, not you.  2) Never take anything for granted. Keep your head cold. 

Medallion Man: 1) Whatever scenario you’re placed in, there is always a way to match your tastes to the demands of the crowd..  2) Always take a moment to appreciate how you’ve progressed, comparing your current situation with your former self.

Which way do you lean towards — 115 or 125? What’s one of your favorite jams you’re playing out at the moment? To be honest, that range is a little small! If it excites us, we’ll play everything from 80-180bpm. For both of us, one of our favorite current jams is ‘Fallen’ by  Shinra. It’s off his ‘Ball & Chain’ EP, which is the debut release  on ‘Null+Void’. With Drexciyan-like synth-riffs and a ravey feel  throughout, it will feature in our sets for a long time to come.

What gig do you dream about?T-Scale: One with a live performance by Drexciya, with James Stinson… I can only dream of it unfortunately. 

Medallion Man: Playing in the mountains in Japan alongside Matthew Jonson. 

What cool things do you have planned for 2016?We have some fantastic nights lined up – in April, we’re  hosting a dream line-up with Florian Kupfer, 65d Mavericks, Manni Dee  & Sea of Scald. We aim to travel as much as possible, continuing to meet lots of  wonderful people – a highlight is coming in February when we’ve been  invited over to Macedonia for a couple of gigs. Can’t wait to smash up  Skopje! And we will continue to expand our mix series/radio shows/artwork  series/compilation albums. Over the last year, these have connected us  with so many talented people, and the schedules are only going to get  more and more exciting. 

Tell us about your mix…T-Scale: It’s a selection of new and older tracks, physically proven on dancefloors. Medallion Man: Electro, breaks and addictive acid. 

Drink of choice… T-Scale: Karmeliet Tripel!! 

Medallion Man: Tyskie – polish beer is the best!