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Helrad - Endurance (UX)


Helrad - Endurance (UX)

Straight to the floor Techno stomper!

From Helrad's Perseverance EP on User Experience.

Out 05.05.2020 on digital - Pre-order: https://joefarr.bandcamp.com/


Born and bred in Naples, Helrad has been a DJ for more than 20 years in his hometown where he was heavily influenced by the techno scene. He thrives on 3 decks playing dance-floor orientated techno with a variety of raw, emotional, funk, and groove elements. Helrad has always been fascinated by the UK electronic music scene with artists such as, Rebekah, Slam, Ben Sims, Silicon Soul and JoeFarr to name a few. He was drawn to Scotland where he opened his label Helrad Limited 2 years ago which is already showing a strong catalogue of music well worth checking out. The future looks bright for Helrad.